My father inspired me to make handmade crafted shoes. His knowledge in this trade extends his lifetime. He has made shoes for high ranking officers in British Army while living in East Africa after emigrating from India during the early 1900’s. The photograph shown was taken around 1914 of our family business in Nairobi (Kenya).
I was so impressed with my father's knowledge and the skills he possessed which tempted me to learn this art before it was too late. Personally I love this trade
Now I no longer make bespoke shoes but sell knowledge, components, material and tools for making handmade shoes. Through customers comments and suggestions I have evolved my business into bushcraft which requires similar skills as shoemaker. I make high quality handmade products which will lasts for many years. Mukshy prides on customer satisfaction and our success relies on this principle. Mukshy welcomes custom orders for bushcraft products, footwear components and material or any other product made from leather. My prices are very  reasonable and affordable.