Bespoke Service

Specific customer orders are welcomed for following items you may require making:

  • Leather knife sheaths
  • Bushcraft accessories – Axe sheaths; Overstike protectors; Axe loops; Belts etc
  • Shoemaking components, material and tools – Leather uppers; Rough Stuff; Hardware etc
  • Leather articles – Watch Straps; Bags etc

Above is just an example of the need to have something made out leather with your specifications. Just contact me with a message to let me know of custom requirement.

For knife sheaths which is very popular service I provide and the information I need is as follows:

  • Name of knife and image
  • Length of knife in centimeters or inches
  • Knife handle length
  • Knife handle thickness
  • Knife Blade length, width & thickness
  • Type of sheath required by sending images of sheaths seen elsewhere
  • Special features such fire steel loop, brass rivets, belt loop size etc

For bushcraft accessories custom orders I require following information:

  • Name of product
  • Image of product
  • Measurements in centimeters

For bespoke leather shoe uppers please provide following information:

  • Ladies – Shoe size
    • Leather colour
    • Style – Oxford or Derby
    • Heel size
  • Men – Shoe size
    • Leather colour
    • Style – Oxford or Derby