21 Piece Advanced Shoemakers Kit


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Advanced shoemakers starter tool kit for beginers and advance shoemakers

9 in stock


Advance shoemakers tool kit consist of 20 essential tools required to make and finish shoes by hand.
Condition: All new tools
Tool kit contents:
  1. 120g lasting pliers with narrow nose. Used for pulling and streching upper over the last
  2. 70g cobblers pincers with pigs foot claw to remove nails
  3. 350g French hammer with leather cover used for shaping and smoothing the leather during lasting process
  4. Light narrow nose lining pliers to pull the lining
  5. Lining pliers
  6. 8″ paring knife made by George Barnsley used during shoe making process
  7. Clicking knife with blade to cut leather
  8. Crepe rubber to remove glue marks x 2
  9. Tack lifter to remove nails driven on the last during lasting process
  10. Leather marking pens x 2 to mark the leather during pattern cutting
  11. 6″ Sleeking cow bone and wood burnisher to remove lumps and smooth leather during shoe making process
  12. 12 inch steel ruler to keep measurements accurate during lasting process
  13. Spirit burner to heat irons and fudge wheels during finishing process. Also used to remove wrinkles during lasting process
  14. Welting awl with handle
  15. Stitching awl with handle
  16. 1 edge iron for setting your soles edges – 3/16″ – 3/8″
  17. 1x heel iron for burnishing heels and soles
  18. Featuring plough to create holdfast on the insole to stitch welts
  19. 1x size 10 fudge wheel for marking stitches
  20. 1x Black wax for finishing
  21. 1x brown wax for finishing



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