Double Headed Rubber Mallet


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Double headed rubber mallet hammer for shoemakers, leather workers and cobblers

6 in stock

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Item Description
Ideal for hammering while lasting and shaping uppers, lining leather and stiffener together without damaging the leather. Used by cobblers, leather workers and shoemakers for shaping and attaching all types of shoe parts. Whether Upper or bottom parts when making handmade shoes or repairing. Solid construction with double rubber headed and wooden handle. Standard hammer shape and weight for easy light hammering. Double rubber heads will make it easy to shape and attach leather parts without damaging or marking. Versatile tool to have.

I use this item for shaping leather upper while making shoes. Attaching bottom parts without marking the leather. Very useful tool have to produce excellent work.


  • Condition: New stock
  • Maker: Unknown
  • Manual left or right handed
  • Construction: Rubber Mallet hammer head and wooden handle
  • Size: Hammer head 3 inches long and 9 inches wooden handle
  • Type: Double headed rubber mallet with 2.5 diameter head
  • Weight: 234g
  • Traditional rubber mallet hammer
  • Easy and versatile tool to use and very useful tool to have in the tool kit





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