Hori Hori Gardening Knife Sheath


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Handmade moulde knife sheath for 31cm Hori Hori gardening knife

5 in stock


100 % high quality leather knife sheath. Hand stitched with natural linen thread. Hand moulded leather to give a snug fit. Snap closure secures the handle which can easily be undone when accessing the knife. Hand dyed and treated with wax.

Limited edition as the leather used id not available any more. Special leather for making moulded knife sheaths.

Item Specifics:

  • Type: Moulded leather sheath for Hori Hori gardening knife
  • Material: 100% all leather
  • Sheath size: 33 cm to fit 31 cm Hori Hori knife
  • Hand stitched
  • To fit concave blade length: 18 cm. Blade width 44mm
  • Handle size: 32mm wide. 20mm thick. 130mm long
  • Belt slot size: 6 cm
  • To fit handle width and thickness: 1 1/8 inch with 15 mm thickness handle
  • To fit blade width at widest between 40 and 60 mm
  • Made in England: Made by a shoemaker with over 20 years experience working with leather.

Custom orders welcome. If you require custom made leather knife sheath for any type of knife then please message me.


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