Make Your Own Shoes Leather Kit


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Make your own shoes leather kit which consists bottom or rough stuff

10 in stock

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This leather kit is for anyone who wants to make their own handmade shoes. You’ll need necessary tools, uppers and shoe lasts.  Please choose shoe size from the option in order to prepare your leather kit.

This kit is suitable for all types of shoe lasts shapes whether it is pointed, narrow or broad.

Item specifics about shoe making leather kit:

  • Brand: Mukshy
  • A pack of leather kit:
    • Leather insoles
    • Leather welts
    • Ready to use toe puffs and back counters already pared and skived
    • Welts
    • Steel shanks
    • Cork sheet
    • Leather soles
    • Split lifts
    • Heel lifts
    • Top pieces
  • Instructions to get you started
  • Extras items you need to start the project:
    • Shoe lasts
    • Uppers
    • Hammer to shape and smooth leather during lasting process
    • Hirschklebber paste to attach toe puffs and back counters
    • Lasting nails or tacks
    • Lasting pincers
    • Tack lifter
    • Paring knife to cut leather during all stages of shoemaking process
    • Measuring tape to check all measurements during lasting process
    • Talcum powder to dust the inside of uppers and lasts
  • All above items aavailable to buy from Mukshy website






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