Shoemakers Thread Making Kit


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Shoemakers thread making kit for stitching leather welts and soles

8 in stock


An essential thread making kit for all shoemakers. The kit consist of 5 items to make threads for stitching leather welts and soles.
Condition: New
Ideal Chrismas Gift for anyone who loves making handmade shoes. Comes in a gift back.
Item Specifics:
  • Brand: Mukshy
  • Contents:
    • Bar of bees wax
    • Tar for binding boar or wire bristles
    • Sticky thread wax
    • 25 meters of hemp 8 core thread for stitching welts and soles
    • 5 pairs of wire bristles

Instructions for making welting and stitching threads:

    • Cut 2 arms length of hemp thread
    • Using a sharp knife tapper both ends of the thread. You’ll notice fluff comes off
    • Examine the tapped ends and ensure that the ends have been tappered properly
    • Apply sticky wax to tappered ends
    • Now split the sticky wax tappered thread ends into 3 strands
    • Attach 1/3 of the boar bristle in between the end of 3 strands
    • Tie the boar bristle by making a knot to end of 3 strands
    • Start weaving the boar bristle with 3 strands of the thread
    • Apply sticky wax and examine that it forms a neat needle
    • Repeat the process for other end
  • Use the above method if you are making wire bristle or from fishing line (0.4mm)
  • Warm the black tar over spirit burner and apply to the binded thread and bristle
  • Rub by hand the binded thread with bristle till it becomes one



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