Beechwood Flat Shoemakers Tool Box


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Beechwood flat shoemakers tool box to organise tools.

9 in stock


A slim beechwood shoemakers tool box to organise your tools. Tool box can organise over 40 tools such as needles, awls, pincers, pliers, tack lifter, sleekers hammers and many other tools.
A quality beechwood, flat toolbox, perfect for storing tools neatly and organised. The lid contains a leather rack to store awls, needles, brushes, punches etc.
Secure lid and faux leather carry handle, it’s easy to keep all your tools with you whereever you go.
Condition: New
Tool box details:
Size: 40 cm length; 30 cm wide; 8 cm depth
Lid organiser: 2 racks to hold over 20 tools
Bottom box: 4 trays to hold all types of tools and material
Faux leather carry handle
2 leather racks to hold awls and pincers
Secure clip lock closure
Types of tools and materials you can store safely:
  • Wooden pegs
  • Awls
  • Needles
  • Wax
  • Polish
  • Lasting pliers with narrow nose
  • Cobblers pincers
  • Hammer with leather cover
  • Narrow nose lining pliers
  • Lining pliers
  • Clicking knife with blade
  • Crepe rubber to remove glue marks x 2
  • Tack lifter
  • Leather marking pens x 2
  • Bone and wood sleekers
  • 12 inch steel ruler



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