Spirit Lamp with Fixed Stand


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Spirit lamp used by shoemakers and cobblers to finish footwear.

17 in stock


Spirit Lamp with Fixed Stand. Made by Mukshy with all metal construction. A 2 part kit with detachable metal tray from spirit lamp with adustable wick.

Item specifics for all the types of spirit lamps:

  • Brand: Mukshy
  • Condition: New
  • Size: Approx 200 by 55 by 80 mm
  • Type: 2 Part kit – Metal Tray and spirit lamp
  • Metal tray with fixed stand to place ironing tool – size: 150 by 50 mm
  • Spirit lamp used for heating irons and removing lasting stretch marks
    Spirit lamp with adjustable wick and includes spare wicks

Brief instructions for using the spirit lamp:

  • Place the spirit lamp on a flat work surface and pour enough methylated spirit for work required and screw back top with stand
  • Leave it for few minutes for wick to soak up. Light the wick
  • Now place the tray on the spirit lamp with the slot passing over the wick winder. Place the tool to be heated on the tray with head over the flame. Ensure iron tool sits flat
  • Now test the iron for hotness without picking it up by pouring few drops of water. If the water drops evaporate quickly then the iron is ready to use. If not then wait till it is
  • To iron out lasting marks or wrinkles:
    • Increase flame size by winding the wick. Light the wick
    • Gently bring the lasted item and hold it over the flame for few seconds at a time
    • Continue with process till lasting wrinkles begin to disappear
    • Observe and ensure not to over heat the leather


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